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February 10, 2011

Video: India's first YouTube star shoots a music video in Ottawa

Here's a video from Wilbur Sargunaraj, "India's first YouTube star".  "Shot on location in the capital city of Ottawa this song will have you keep your CD on repeat!!! 1st class!"  (Lyrics below.)


Don't be afraid of the Canada cold
The warm citizens from the North are gold
There is so much to see in this big country
And Ottawa is the name of the capital city

Verse 1

If you come to Canada you must skate on ice
But try it on the Rideau Canal 1st class super nice
It's the largest skating place in the world you see
Where people skate to work and play the Hockey

Verse 2

See the Prime minister on the parliament hill
He knows French and English but maybe not Tamil
If you get a little hungry for something to eat
Try tasty pastry beavertail on the Ottawa Street

Verse 3

Before Leaving Canada increase your CQ
Understanding 1st Nations is important to do
For there's many many different people in this gigantic country
You can learn from one another celebrating diversity

Update: A bit more about how this project came about from the Ottawa Citizen:
Sargunaraj, who now splits his time between his home in Tamil Nadu and Toronto, burst onto the scene a year ago with the release of his YouTube music video Love Marriage, which has since been viewed by more than 720,000 people.  
The video, along with such follow-ups as First Class Meat, The Cricket Song and How to Use Eastern Latrine, made him an Internet star and won him fans around the world, including a few employees of Ottawa Tourism. 
They had the inspired idea of inviting Sargunaraj to Winterlude to record an original music video about Canada and Ottawa. 
“One of our strategies for 2011 is to create new and more engaging ways to leverage the fun things that happen in Ottawa,” said Ottawa Tourism’s Jantine Van Kregten. “This was just the next step.”
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  1. This is FANTASTIC!! I love it. Love it.

  2. Anonymous3:33 PM

    This should be viral. Great!


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