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February 08, 2011

Knit-bombed in Ottawa: Graffiti knitters decorate traffic signs

Ottawa photographer Mike Gericke has been documenting cases of "knit bombing" in downtown Ottawa.  You can see an example of the "graffiti knitting" covering the signpost in the image above.  Here are some more photos.  Anybody know who's doing this?  Or if there's any meaning or message behind it?   Whatever or whoever is behind it - it sure makes urban infrastructure look a lot prettier.

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  1. seems to trace back to Magda Sayeg from Houston/Austin... love seeing the knit graffiti in Ottawa!

  2. As a street photographer, I am often shooting pics of downtown Ottawa where I found this piece of knit graffiti on Lyon Street at Arlington. I'll certainly keep my eyes open for more knit graffiti. Thanks very much Glen for including my photo here.

    Thanks Jen for pointing my way to Magda Sayeg. That's very useful.

  3. i love seeing this in ottawa! i'll have to start looking closer. great pic too, btw :)

  4. Anonymous4:30 PM

    There is one at Venus Envy's parking lot entrance on Lisgar St.

  5. I seem to remember hearing about this some time last fall, or maybe a year ago. I think Spins and Needles had something to do with it. Now you've got me curious, I'll ask around!

  6. Hey!

    I remembered reading this blog posting a while back and I recently just stumbled upon this link that I thought would interest you and the Ottawa Knit Bomber.


    Hope you like it!

    @MartinBerthelot on Twitter

  7. Thanks for the link Martin!


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