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January 18, 2011

Train for free with Ottawa doc (and blogger) Yoni Freedhoff

Yoni Freedhoff, one of my favourite Ottawa bloggers, asked if we could help get the word out about an offer for a free trial of Gorindo, a type of martial art. Here's part of the story from his blog:
...I decided to give [Gorindo] a go and I trained right through medical school until I moved to Ottawa.

My sensei, Claudio Iedwab, is from Argentina. He's one of those lucky folks who in many ways has retained the enthusiasm of childhood and he's always got a mischievous gleam in his eye... He created Gorindo in response to what he felt was a North American overemphasis on the "martial", rather than the "art", and its name means five ring art. The five rings of Gorindo include Taekwondo (Moo Duk Kwan), Karate-do (Shotokan), Ju Jutsu, Savate (a French foot-boxing style) and Yoga.

Mentally for me Gorindo was a godsend. It helped to clear my head, improve my mood and helped me to focus during some difficult times. Physically it was also a godsend as by means of incredibly varied workouts, my chronic back pain disappeared. It has also helped me a great deal with my balance, flexibility, focus and coordination.

...Two years ago I decided I'd try to track down Claudio just to say hi and I was thrilled to find out he was living in the Gatineau. He didn't have a dojo anymore - was working more on his other projects, but was still available for private teaching. I jumped on the chance to have him come and teach me privately and for nearly 2 years he'd come by my office twice a week to train. I think our training together relit his teaching bug and about a year ago he started to look for a location to open an Ottawa Gorindo dojo.

Finally last fall he found an old homestead that had been converted to office space that was just a few short minutes from my office. He calls it his, "candy box" and truly, it's a very special space. He's spent a few months working the kinks out of the new place and come this New Year, he's ready to start promoting it to the general public and I asked him if I could blog about it on his behalf.

So here's the scoop. If you're a blog reader and you're interested in trying something that for me was without exaggeration life changing, or if you've been looking for the opportunity to punch or kick me, Claudio's offered to extend to my readers a free month of training - no strings attached. Click here to find out more about Yoni's offer...

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