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January 10, 2011

The last remnants of Ottawa's oak forest, hidden in Champlain Park

(Photo by Dennis Van Staalduinen.)

Check out this fascinating web site about The Champlain Oaks. It tells the story of two dozen trees in Ottawa's Champlain Park neighbourhood, near Island Park Drive. Some of them are estimated to be more than 200 years old, and are the descendants of a huge oak forest that would have covered the South shore of the Ottawa River before this area was settled.

They're tucked in next to garages and they tower behind backyard sheds in the neighbourhood just east of Island Park Drive, between the Ottawa River Parkway and Scott Street. And they're massive.

The site was created by Daniel Buckles and Dennis Van Staalduinen, along with some friends and neighbours.

(via @DeniseDeby)

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