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December 30, 2010

Top blog posts, stories, searches, etc. on OttawaStart in 2010

Top posts on the OttawaStart Blog:
Most-visited guides / topics on OttawaStart:

What keywords people were searching for when they visited our site:
(omitting generic searches like "ottawa")
  1. radio stations
  2. tv guide
  3. bike paths
  4. jobs
  5. events
  6. winterlude
  7. glebe garage sale
  8. bluesfest
  9. busker festival
  10. restaurants

Some unusual keyword searches that directed visitors to our blog:
(in no particular order)
And if you're interested in this stuff, some web browser stats:
  • 59% of our visitors use Internet Explorer, 24% Firefox, 9% Safari, 6% Chrome
  • 44% have cable internet, 29% DSL, 1% Dial-up
  • 86% Windows, 9% Mac
  • Most popular screen resolution is 1024x768, followed by 1280x800

Thanks for all the visits, feedback, tweets, links, etc. in 2010 and all the best for 2011!

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