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December 04, 2010

Saturday Round-Up: 17 worthwhile links from the past week

  1. This week's jobs: Part-Time Piercer, Scientific Editor, Pedestrian Handset Testing, Visual Art Grant Writer
  2. Just what Elgin Street needs: A Dollar Store
  3. Ottawa's beautiful Rideau Canal.
  4. A new perspective of the Chinatown Arch.
  5. Where to cut your own Christmas tree
  6. The winner of Apartment613's fall fiction contest
  7. Nice sunset on Monday.
  8. Google bike directions go live for Ottawa
  9. Looking for an elf?
  10. Behind the scenes photos with the NAC Orchestra.
  11. A history of Albert at Kent
  12. A history of one-room schoolhouses in the Ottawa area
  13. Gift ideas: wine.
  14. Nice Christmas lights, nice Christmas wreaths
  15. Grassmobile in a snowstorm
  16. Why it was really hard to get Canadian info after the big earthquake last June.
  17. Ottawa's online communities go offline too.

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