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December 13, 2010

Guest blog: An Ottawa writers dares to blog about HIV/AIDS in Africa

Our latest guest blog is from Erica Schumacher, who also runs Kitchissippi Kids, a great neighbourhood blog.
I'd like to highlight a blog written by Ottawa freelancer Denise Deby, who dared herself to write a blog (one post a day) in support of the Stephen Lewis Dare Campaign that is raising money to help turn the tide of AIDS in Africa.

Her blog is A Dare to Discover and it brings to readers the voices of Ottawa - sketches about the continent's most important writers, musicians, academics - and aims to provide a different view of "the voices of Africa".

It is exceedingly well written, informative, interesting and inspiring for anyone who has a connection to Africa. Check it out - I think you'll be impressed. Denise also writes for Green Living Ottawa, Peace and Environment news and a variety of other publications. She was a longtime IDRC employee and previously lived in Africa for several years with her husband.

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