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November 12, 2010

What should Ottawa's official hashtag be? #OTT #YOW #ottawa

Yesterday, Claire Bronwell tweeted:
Dear Ottawa tweeters: Can't we all just work together and pick a hashtag? #ottawa #OTT #YOW #OTTnews #hashtagconsistency
She's right, there are far too many Ottawa hashtags out there. My vote is for #OTT or #YOW because they're short & sweet. Post your favourite in the comments below.

One of our readers also suggested #XDS, which is the code for Ottawa's train station.

And if you're not into this whole Twitter thing, please move along. Thank you.

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  1. I'd say #OTTon, #OTTont or #oneOTT have the best "ring" to them. Short,and sweet. If I have to choose from the three aforementioned, I sat #OTT, even though it would most be recognized as "over the top"

  2. I vote for #YOW as airport codes are universally recognized and unique as a city identifier.

  3. In all seriousness, #YOW and #OTT are the best compromise between clear, concise and inclusive. #XDS would be nice if it was more universally recognized.

    Another suggestion:
    #NCR which better includes Gatineau

  4. I will admit that it's not sexy, but I think that it should be #NCR, as it would include the entire Ottawa-Gatinesu region.

  5. #OTT

    Not #YOW as not everyone flies...

  6. I'd vote for #OTT or #OTTAWA. Will people outside of Ottawa really know what #YOW is?

  7. Neil Herber11:07 AM

    #YOW because it is unique and sounds like fun "yow". Definitely not #NCR because no one outside Ottawa knows what it is. Americans think the "NCR" is Washington. Simple experiment to try: do a Google search for NCR and then YOW.

  8. Isn't this discussion best had on Twitter itself? This is what hashtags are for, right? :)

    Here's what I said earlier: Official 'ottawa' hashtag needs to be obvious to all - #yow, #ott don't mean anything. #ottawa is the only good option.

  9. Although #yow and #ott are both short and sweet, they aren't obvious to most twitter users. #ottawa makes the most sense.

    There has also been a new hashtag going around #ottcity for political related tweets, which I think should be #ottpoli, to avoid confusion from the generic #ottawa tag.

  10. I'm from Manitoba and I would only know #Ottawa - Just putting in my 2 cents.
    I guess anyone from Ottawa would know #OTT though.


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