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November 20, 2010

Saturday Round-Up: 25 interesting things from the past week

  1. Thanks to our readers who helped track down a Remembrance Day poem.
  2. Best Ottawa band name ever.
  3. For the unemployed: Dairy Farm Handperson, Sushi Chef, Producer & Director at CTV, Gift Basket Assembler.
  4. Plus: Put your baby to work as a Newborn Model.
  5. And a volunteer opportunity: Salvation Army Kettle Attendant.
  6. Cool photos of statues & sunset on Parliament Hill.
  7. Beautiful pics from a walk around Chinatown.
  8. Anybody want to party all night?
  9. Nice pic of the new One Hundred Foot Line sculpture.
  10. More harbingers of winter: Santa Claus Parade today & winter overnight parking restrictions in effect & mall Santas begin reign of terror.
  11. Behind-the-scenes with that giant Canadian flag that gets passed around at Sens games.
  12. Skateboard vs. Car
  13. Thankfully, NCC says dogs are safe at Conroy Pit.
  14. Tim Hortons death by chocolate.
  15. Barrymore's wants to bring back live music.
  16. Our most compelling blog title ever: Photos of junk in a field in Stittsville.
  17. Here's what Rideau Street looked like in 1973.
  18. An interesting idea about changing directions on Metcalfe Street.
  19. All about telescopes in Ottawa.
  20. Putting the "GG" in "joGGing".
  21. Interested in learning how to play table tennis?
  22. An egg joke for Sens fans.
  23. Required reading: Westside Action's series on the West LRT.
  24. SHARK!
  25. Have you voted for Ottawa's best breakfast yet?

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