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November 06, 2010

Saturday Round-Up: 15 interesting/useful/funny/entertaining things from the past week

  1. Jim Watson's 66 campaign promises, for those of you keeping score at home
  2. Nice pics of dead fish (seriously)
  3. And some pics of flying cats at the Rideau Centre
  4. For the unemployed, some job openings: children's illustrator, Elvis look-alike, chocolate ambassador
  5. Return of The Wig
  6. Do you speak Ottawan?
  7. Good read on the relationship between the Senators and their fans
  8. No home decorating is complete until you have a 6-foot Sparty bobblehead
  9. Breaking eggroll news
  10. Nice slideshow of new art at the National Gallery
  11. Michael Jackson is dead, but he'll be touring next year, sort of.
  12. OC Klepto
  13. Take a tour of Ottawa's b-movie landmarks
  14. Is it too early to start thinking about water parks?
  15. Santa Claus is coming to town
Thanks everybody for the tweets, emails, conversation and feedback this week. We're closing in on 1,500 Twitter followers and had one of busiest months ever in October. If you enjoy this kind of thing, consider making OttawaStart.com your home page.

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