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November 27, 2010

Saturday Round-Up: 15 fun / useful / insightful things from the past week

  1. Open File opened for business.
  2. And I came across two great sites from Carleton U. journalism students: 1 2
  3. Jobs this week: Horse Farm Manager, Tow Truck Operator, Radio News Editor, Chemistry Tutor, Chemistry Tutor,
  4. Is there any other city that puts out a press release about the opening of a traffic intersection?
  5. Who are the Ottawans on Jeopardy this week?
  6. Ottawa streets named after famous entertainers.
  7. Photographic evidence of Watson & O'Brien together on a parade float, smiling.
  8. What exactly are the people doing in this OC Transpo graphic?
  9. Where can you get the best hot chocolate in Ottawa?
  10. A funny quote about Movember.
  11. Hope they found a saxophonist. And I hope these folks found their female dancers.
  12. Great Moments In North Glengarry Signage
  13. Google is adding Ottawa bike routes / directions to their maps.
  14. Ottawa really likes Broadway's for breakfast.
  15. Magic 100 went all-Christmas.

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