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October 30, 2010

Saturday Round-Up: 19 good things from the past week

  1. Watson won.
  2. Larry didn't.
  3. Watson's victory song: "When I'm Up" by Great Big Sea.
  4. One new mayor, 10 new councillors. Blake must be happy.
  5. Larry's hosting a Halloween party, tonight.
  6. For the unemployeed, some jobs: wall drawer, mural painter, shoveller.
  7. Important local beer news.
  8. My favourite Ottawa photo of the week.
  9. My favourite photoshopped Ottawa photo of the week.
  10. And lots of people took photos of last Saturday's zombie walk.
  11. Good read: A brief history of the demise of Somerset House (aka Duke of Somerset / Lockmaster)
  12. That's the price of vanity.
  13. Spider goats at the experimental farm.
  14. I know you didn't read a word of it, but coverage of Fisher & Spezza's weddings rank as two of the top six most-viewed pages EVER on the Citizen's web site.
  15. Sens have the cheapest beer among Canadian NHL teams & Alex Kovalev flies a plane.
  16. Harbinger of winter.
  17. Is it too early to plan for Bluesfest?
  18. How about a bar car on on the O-Train?
  19. Happy Halloween.

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  1. Anonymous11:15 PM

    Make that 18 things -- Watson won is not a good thing.


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