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October 09, 2010

Saturday Round-Up: 17 good things from the past week

  1. We had some beautiful sunsets this week.
  2. Vehicle catches fire on Queensway, thankfully not an OC bus this time.
  3. Jarkko Ruutu drove a zamboni down Elgin Street.
  4. Cyclist survives car running over her head in Centretown.
  5. Here's what Ottawa is really thinking about the municipal election.
  6. Larry O'Brien is all thumbs.
  7. Does Ottawa need more shopping malls?
  8. The Gladstone Theatre is up for sale, which could be the topic of a musical.
  9. If you're job hunting, here are some openings: bus driver, volunteer historian, tattoo artist,
  10. They grow up so fast.
  11. Ottawa's got some swanky restrooms.
  12. Lucy Van O. from CBC predicts that Jane Scharf won't get elected.
  13. Hazeldean Road is getting street art. Seriously.
  14. Those damn strollers.
  15. The Ottawa Citizen mixes up "zero" and "oh", again.
  16. Ottawa's Hollorado creates an awesome viral music video
  17. And finally, tomorrow is 10-10-10 and we'll be taking part in this 10-hour photo challenge

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