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October 06, 2010

Ottawa's swankiest restrooms

A while back we asked on Twitter: "Who has Ottawa's swankiest restroom?"

A few people replied with suggestions, including:
  • Metropolitan Brasserie ("b&w tile and cast iron schoolhouse sinks")
  • Lemongrass Thai ("completely hands-free, self-sanitizing robot bathroom")
  • Town Restaurant ("fully stocked with a bunch of toiletries for customers to use")
  • ...and surprising, at least to me, the Elmdale Tavern.
Nat Myles, owner of the Elmdale, sent along this pic: "Here's our eco friendly waterless urinals! My camera doesn't have a "wide" enough lens to get a good photo of the whole thing."

Can anybody else suggest more great restrooms in Ottawa?

Ottawa Restaurants Guide

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