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October 25, 2010

Ottawa election: Best tweets of the night

  • "anyone else finding their thoughts turning to Alex Munter a lot tonight? Ottawa's basically admitted it made a mistake" (@kateheartfield)

  • "the only bad thing about this election will be that we won't have a mayor who looks like lex luthor" (@BoogieHowser)

  • "I can live with Jim Watson. But for the love of God let there not be a zombie attack when he's in charge." (@snobiwan)

  • "#OttVote drinking game! Every time they say "digital desk," take a shot. You'll be wasted before Mayor Larry's concession speech" (@joeboughner)

  • "Man sprinting down Somerset St., voter card in hand. 5 minutes left. #ottvote #commitment" @macdk3

  • "@RachelleTodd asked what time zone Barrhaven is in and if we need to wait for polls to close there." (@metromansector)

  • "Voting in rural Ottawa: Portrait of Queen on wall. Neighbours hugging hello. Cars parked on muddy edge of field by community hall." (@kateheartfield)

  • "If an #ottvote candidate supports the downtown tunnel, do they then have a tunnel vision?" (@dbmcclelland)

  • "Voter: 'I accidentally got two ballots. You can have one back.' (@jpags)

  • "Did anyone else think those HUGE ballots were a waste of paper?" (@kristinmcevoy)

  • "Done my civic duty. The embarrassed look on the volunteer's face as the reader spat back my ballot & showed her my picks? Priceless." (@krisjoseph)

  • "Really hope that Anybody but Larry guy wins." (@natsbrain)
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