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October 26, 2010

Municipal election wrap-up

I'll post more later today but some quick thoughts on yesterday's election and last night's coverage:
  • The City of Ottawa's web site did not crash.

  • After the 2006 election, I blogged about the lack of change at City Hall, but it was the opposite story this year. Ten new councillors and one new mayor were elected. (And I think that's six incumbents defeated.) You can see the 2010 unofficial election results here.

  • Also from that blog post in 2006, a prescient comment from blogger Mark Bourrie: "The mayor [Larry O'Brien], who is the natural spokesman for the city, has one message. The majority of council has another. I've seen this type of thing before, and it's not pretty."

  • Results came in quick as expected. CTV Ottawa, in ALLCAPS, declared Jim Watson the winner of the mayoral race about half an hour after polls closed. But strangely CTV didn't go on the air with a full election broadcast until 10:00pm, after all the races were decided and after all of the candidates made their speeches.

  • Best coverage was from CBC. Coverage started on the radio at 8pm, then switched over to tv at 9pm. The radio was perfect for getting quick results and breaking news from reporters around the city. Lucy van O. did a fine job as ringmaster of the live tv circus. And just before they went off the air, the two contentious races (Beacon Hill-Cyrville and Rideau Vanier) were decided.

  • Seeing James Hendricks and Sandra Blaikie back together on Rogers 22 was like going back in time to 2005 on the New RO, except with tripods this time.

  • Jane Scharf received over 1,100 votes. Mystery candidate Robert Larter had around 600 votes last year, but went down to just over 200 this time.

  • More thoughts ater!

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