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October 21, 2010

How I've been following the Ottawa election online

I've heard a lot of complaining during this election campaign about how local candidates have failed to really harness the power of the internet and social media. The other side of the story is that during this election, citizens have really upped their game, providing excellent commentary, conversation and reporting on the candidates and their platforms. Some of my faves:

Mainstream media reporters are producing some great info too. I've enjoyed:
  • David Reevely (Ottawa Citizen) deserves an honourary spot on council and/or the key to the city for the tremendous job he's done analysing mayoral platforms and calling out bullshit on his Greater Ottawa blog.
  • Alastair Steele's blog on the CBC web site (although I wish I could subscribe via RSS)
  • Ken Gray's The Bulldog (Ottawa Citizen) has almost too much content - with a ton of press releases, videos and commentary posted almost every day in the campaign.
  • The Sun & The City blog has been right in the fray as well, with reports from Jon Willing and Susan Sheering.
  • Rogers Television has posted candidate videos and ward debates for just about everyone running in this year's election.
So, what election web sites have you been reading?

Ottawa Election Guide

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