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September 22, 2010

Rant of the Day: Stolen bike headlights

I haven't published a rant of the day post in a while but this one from Mike Kate at The Incidental Cyclist is definitely worth reading. Somebody stole the headlights from her bike the other night:
Seriously, what the hell? They were worth $12.50 each when they were brand new more than a year ago. I'm trying to imagine you as some desperate, shaking junkie for whom those headlights would mean the difference between spending a night in racking DT agony and getting through the next day. But I know that's probably not the case (especially since I can't imagine there's a huge trade in black-market ten-dollar LED headlights.) Read the entire post...

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  1. that sucks. I got my bike seat stolen once! sigh, some people!

  2. Mike's the bike, Kate is the name of the blogger


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