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August 28, 2010

Saturday Round-Up: The best of Ottawack* this week

  1. A slightly better week fo OC Transpo. At least the O-Train is back online.
  2. Ian Black says we're closing in on an all-time rain record for August. (In fact we may have surpassed it by now.)
  3. We're having another heat wave but Ottawa beaches are officially closed for the summer.
  4. SuperEx really is crappy this year, and here's the press release to prove it.
  5. WANTED: Harper look-alike.
  6. A thoughtful piece about local churches as arts venues.
  7. Ottawa Citizen's Glen MacGregor discovers the worst-named edible item ever.
  8. Ottawa Citizen tries to one-up its Fisher/Underwood wedding stalking with even more obsessive Bieber updates.
  9. Nobody live-blogged or live-tweeted the Gail Gavan concert at SuperEx.
  10. Ottawa Citizen's David Reevely is running another incredible Portraits of Bluesfest series
  12. Alan Neal is staying a while.
  13. Algonquin students finally got a bridge.
  14. Could this work as a campaign theme song for Larry?
  15. Ottawa has its own Cake Boss.
  16. Likely for the first and only time in history, samosa was a trending topic in Ottawa on Thursday.
  17. Joe provided a helpful chart in the event you succumb to lost follower syndrome.
  18. And finally, thanks to all of our guest bloggers. More to come next week!

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  1. In a cost saving measure, Ottawa beaches have now been officially closed for the season - saving money on lifeguards, beach cleanup, and buildings maintenance.
    Extra bylaw officers have been hired to patrol the closed beaches and ticket anyone using them.


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