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August 14, 2010

The Saturday Round-Up: 15 items from this week

Fifteen cool/interesting/useful items from the past week. There will be a quiz.
  1. We checked out the Perseid meteor shower.
  2. Lots of great suggestions from Twitter readers and blog readers for Ottawa's best pizza.
  3. I suggested that we rename Carling Avenue "Egg Roll Avenue".
  4. Don't go quitting your day job, but you can get paid for portraying Captain Morgan.
  5. OC Transpo had a rough week.
  6. PM Stephen Harper played ping pong with Michael Buble.
  7. CBC weatherman Ian Black says we have already received more rain this month than what would be normal for the entire month.
  8. Joke: City approves gateway arch for Westboro
  9. No joke: New soccer statue gateway on Preston Street.
  10. Cool graffiti wall at the Ottawa Mission.
  11. Ikea has a great sale on meatballs.
  12. There are a surprisingly high number of yellow houses downtown.
  13. A Gatineau McDonald's burned down and for the most part we refrained from snarky comments.
  14. Possibly for the first time in Ottawa history, puppets cause a traffic jam.
  15. And finally, the Ottawa Citizen has appointed Glen McGregor as their "Social Media Editor".

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