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August 01, 2010

Ottawa blogger confronts, chases, photographs (and then blogs about) attempted house break-in

Greenboro resident and Ottawa blogger Dan Awesome was relaxing at home on Saturday afternoon, when he heard a suspicious noise on his back deck. He investigated and foiled what he belives was an attempted break-and-enter. He chased the suspect, snapped some photographs, and then blogged about the experience:
I sent him back around the other side of our house, knowing he’d exit through our carport. As I passed through my house myself, something inside told me that I should do something more about the situation, so I grabbed my camera.

He saw the camera too soon and immediately started running, which meant that I didn’t get his face in the half-dozen shots I was able to fire in the moment. It was probably stupid of me to have confronted him with the camera, and even stupider to start running after him.
Dan is also hoping the photos will help identify the suspect, and is encouraging anyone who can identify him to call the police. Read more, plus photos...

Ottawa Police & Emergency Services Guide

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