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August 13, 2010

Cool time-lapse video of Perseid meteor shower, taken at Meech Lake

Check out this great video timelapse of the Perseid meteor shower, taken Thursday night at Meech Lake by local photographer Mike Geiger.

Mike writes: "Timelapse of the meteor shower while hanging out with some fellow photographers. Taken near P12 on Meech Lake. I think there's some Aurora Borealis just left of center near the beginning... not sure though."

OttawaStart's Twitter followers suggested a few other locations besides Meech Lake for getting away from the bright city lights and seeing some meteors. If you have any more locations to suggest please add them in the comments below.
  • Shirley's Bay (west end)
  • Pinhey's Point (west end)
  • Petrie Island (east end)
  • Champlain Look-Out (Gatineau Park)

Video posted with permission & ©2010 Mike.Geiger.ca Alternate video link: flickr.com/photos/mikegeiger/4889341485/

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1 comment:

  1. Thanks for the info. I thought about Meach Lake on perseid day but I thought it would be to crowed. How was it? I heard there was a good lookout spot around thurso which was in the direction of perseids which was NE if im correct. I just found this list of sites that might be interesting. http://seeing.cleardarksky.com/cgi-bin/find_chart.py?Mn=lenses&type=wmap&radius=100&unit=0&disp=text&title=Charts+within+100Km+of+Ottawa&olat=45.417&olong=-75.7


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