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July 20, 2010

VIDEO: Ottawa's kid rockers The Dube Brothers

If you went to Bluesfest earlier this month, chances are on the way out you saw The Dube Brothers -- the three kids who were rockin' out just beyond the main gates.

Last Tuesday night, Arcade Fire dropped by for an impromptu sing-along with the brothers. Blogger David Forcier snapped some photos of the event, and soon the Ottawa Citizen picked up the story.

(The boys didn't know it was Arcade Fire singing along with them that night -- they thought it was just a bunch of drunk people.)

The Dube Brothers are Quinn (drums, age 9), Jan (bass, age 11) and Liam (guitar, age 13). Their mother died of breast cancer two years ago, and the boys started singing and performing when she was sick to cheer her up. Over the past year or so the Brothers have played over 20 concerts, raising money for earthquake victims in Haiti. Over $85,000 so far, if you can believe it.

The band has a Youtube channel with videos from some of their shows. Here's a cover of Smells Like A Teen Spirit, performed at Capital Music Hall.

They have a myspace page too.

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  1. What a great cause and insperational story! Good for these local artists to get thier story AND thier talent out there!

  2. Anonymous1:11 AM

    It's crazy how good these kids are. I mean forget they are kids. They are just great entertainers.

  3. We get a lot of attention because of our "story" so it's really nice to get this kind of feedback (as musicians!). THANKS!

    We're working on an album due out in May and here's a sample. 50% of the proceeds will go to charity matched by Arcade Fire (so 100% of the value of the album).


  4. Anonymous3:58 PM

    Found their channel on YouTube. Check out the vids and their own original tunes. Great stuff. Can`t wait for the album... Dudes!



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