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July 24, 2010

Queens grad student wants your perspective on cycling in Ottawa

Here's an email I received earlier this week - I'm sharing it here to help Mike get in touch with Ottawa cyclists:

My name is Mike McHugh and I am a graduate student at Queen's University in Environmental Studies.

My thesis focuses on cycling in major cities. As part of my research I have been cycling from Vancouver to Ottawa visiting major cities and interviewing individuals interested in cycling related issues.

I would greatly appreciate the chance to meet, speak with and/or interview anyone who feels they may have a unique understanding or perspective of cycling in Ottawa.

Thanks again
I look forward to hearing from you

-Mike McHugh
BES University of Waterloo
MES Candidate Queen's University
You can reach Mike via 8mm105@queensu.ca. He's in town now and will be here until Wednesday, July 28.

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