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July 26, 2010

Cool video: Ottawa Summer in 30000 Frames

We posted this on OttawaStart's Twitter feed yesterday -- a video that is definition of "Cool Ottawa". When someone asks you what's summer's like in Ottawa, or why you love living here -- this is the video you can send them.

OTTAWA - Summer in 30,000 Frames from Will Cyr on Vimeo.

Will Cyr was one of the people who made the video. He writes:
It was shot by myself and Renée de Sousa (Producer with Local Cartel / and also my wife) during the summer of 2009. We were getting ready to move to Toronto, and wanted to shoot one last project. To keep some Ottawa memories alive, we decided to hit most of our favorite spots. Had we had more time , we would of included the Canal.

The camera was an old Nikon D80 with its stock lens. I imported all the pictures into Adobe After Effects, and did the editing in Final Cut Pro. The colour grading was done in Apple Color.
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