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June 25, 2010

Ottawa Election: Youtube campaigning

A quick pointer today to a recent post on the Knitnut.net blog titled "Gorgeous George". It's about George Guirguis, who's running for a council seat in Bay Ward. Zoom writes:
Well, now he has fifty campaign videos on Youtube. They’re so bizarre. I haven’t watched them all, but from what I’ve seen, they tend to follow one of two formats: a photomontage of pictures of Guirguis, set to a sappy love song, or a video of Guirguis set to a sappy love song. The photomontages always include multiple instances of a picture of Guirguis with Stephen Harper. The videos include lots of footage of Guirguis campaigning and giving the thumbs up to the camera. There’s one where we get to spend two minutes watching him use his computer. Read the entire post...
I tried to find more local candidates using Youtube to get their message out, but couldn't find much. Larry O'Brien has his own Youtube channel (actually two Youtube channels) but there's only one video uploaded. Canadidate ONeil Brooke has posted a campaign video, along with a consipracy-riddled manifesto, along with some other videos here. Mayoral candidate Stan Piorio has uploaded some video from a "meet the candidates" show on Rogers 22. There must be more candidates using Youtube for campaigning - if you know of any please add links in the comments section below.

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