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June 28, 2010

Nine somewhat obscure but interesting Ottawa Twitter feeds

Here are nine useful and interesting Ottawa Twitter feeds that not too many people follow. I guess after this post they may not be so obscure any longer. Add your suggestions in the comments below.
  1. InfosOutaouais
    A Gatineau Twitter feed en fran├žais, featuring "informations locales, faits divers, circulation, entraide".
  2. GasUpOttawa
    Every once in a while there's an alert posted when gas prices are about to go up. It's published by a bot, working off of data from here.
  3. OC Transpo
    As I publish this, fewer than 50 follow this feed. It's relatively new, posting special service updates.
  4. OC Transpo Community
    Automatic re-posts from the lively and interesting OC Transpo Communtiy on Live Journal.
  5. Ottawa Parking
    Updates on overnight parking restrictions due to snow storms. Useful in the winter, hopefully not in the summer.
  6. Canal Conditions
    Also useful for winter months.
  7. CrimeStoppersOttawa
    Because maybe, just maybe, you'll recognize your next door neighbour in one of the security camera images and you can collect on the cash reward.
  8. Did The Leafs Win?
    You'll get a snarky note every time the Toronto Maple Leafs win a game. Translation: not very many tweets from this one.
  9. Alien In The River
    Twitter feed from the driver of that UFO that crashed into the Ottawa river last summer.
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