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June 21, 2010

15 links to celebrate the arrival of summer

It's 7:28am on June 21, and that means it's officialy SUMMER!!!

Just a quick post today, pointing you towards 15 of our OttawaStart guides that will help you make the most out of summer in Ottawa.
  1. Bicycles Guide

  2. Boating & Fishing Guide

  3. Canada Day 2010 Guide

  4. Concerts Guide

  5. Festivals & Fairs Guide

  6. Fireworks Guide

  7. Golf Guide

  8. Kids Guide

  9. Movies Guide
  10. (where to watch the latest summer blockbuster)

  11. Museums Guide (also for a rainy day)

  12. Nature & Gardens

  13. Strawberries Guide

  14. Swimming Guide

  15. Travel & Tourism Guide

  16. Weather Guide

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