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May 19, 2010

Your tweet in lights: Interactive tech-art exhibit in Chinatown

If you're on Somerset Street in Ottawa's Chinatown before June 8, drop by the Oriental Charm Gift Shop (653 Somerset Street West) and check out the interactive twitter-enabled light boxes:
One of the highlights of this year’s festival is an interactive lighting display by The Latest Artists — Ottawa’s dynamic artistic duo, Andrew and Deborah O’Malley.

The Latest Artists have created Twitter-enabled light boxes. These unique pieces feature custom-built circuits and hand-made acrylic frames.

Using a mobile phone, audiences will be able to interact with the art by sending messages to Twitter (using the hash tag #CTRM).

Thanks to creative custom software, audience messages will be instantly displayed as text scrolling across the lightbox screens. Strobe lights, placed near the boxes, will flash when the message appears, altering audiences their Tweet is coming through.

When no one is sending a Tweet, the light boxes will display scrolling fortune cookie messages, lucky numbers, and animated geometric patterns. Previous Tweets will also be saved and randomly displayed, serving as an archive of audience experiences over the month-long event.

Giving audiences the ability to comment and connect through lighting art with Twitter is a novel interactive experience, providing global reach to the local Chinatown Remixed event.

Read the full article here on Andrew O'Malley's blog.
And also on his blog - check out some of the "behind the scenes" on how the light boxes were made.

Check out photos of the installation here.

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