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May 14, 2010

The best way to remember whether it's blue box or black box week

My new favourite Ottawa web site is OttawaTrash.ca. It's a very simple but incredibly useful web site, created using data from the City of Ottawa's website. The creators describe it as "born out of a need for a garbage scheduling app for Ottawa that doesn't inspire acts of rage ... using carefully hand-made iCal files for the city's trash schedules".

Once you're on the site, you can enter your street address, and the site gives you the current collection schedule for your residence. For example, if you live at 24 Sussex Drive, you can see that your garbage and recycling gets collected every Monday, and when your blue box, black box, and green bin will be picked up.

(Tip: once you've found your address, bookmark the page for quick reference the next time.)

(Also: Just wondering, who takes out the garbage in the Harper household?)

Ottawa Garbage & Recycling Guide

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  1. Great tip, thanks!



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