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March 14, 2010

Nine great links for March Break activities in Ottawa

It's the night before March Break beings - do you know what you're doing with your kids yet? Here are nine links to help:
  1. Check out 40 (mostly) free family fun ideas from Postcards from the Mothership
  2. March Break ideas for those of us who hate crowds (via a peek inside the fishbowl ... you should also check out these ideas from 2009)
  3. Shake up the Break from SavvyMom.ca has a variety of suggestions for activites inside and outside your house
  4. The Ottawa Citizen has a list of 10 activities for under $10
  5. They're probably mostly booked up by now, but here's a list of March Break camps and activities run by the City of Ottawa
  6. Check out Kids Ottawa-Gatineau for a listing of activites and an event calendar
  7. The Ottawa Information Guide has a good list too.
  8. Check out what people are saying about March Break on Twitter
  9. OttawaStart's Ottawa Kids Guide has lots of links to activities for families and kids. You can also check out our Ottawa Events Guide and Ottawa Museum Guide.
Make that 10 great links: Check @ottawafamilies on Twitter for some March Break ideas. On Monday they did a round-up of events at various malls in the region.

Tell us what you're doing or tell us about other events going on this week - add a comment below.

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  1. andrea from the11:31 AM

    Thanks for the link!
    I just wanted to chime in and let you know that Kids Ottawa-Gatineau has ceased operating and they're not updating their site anymore.

  2. :) As always, I'm delighted to get a link from you! Thx for the new ideas, too!


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