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March 18, 2010

Have you seen a ghost?

Here's another tv show (on the W network, I think) looking for stories in Ottawa (and Kingston).
The hit series GHOSTLY ENCOUNTERS, returning for its fourth season, explores the paranormal through the eyes of the people who believe to have witnessed a supernatural event. With a blend of first-person accounts, dramatic reenactments and a dynamic host, GHOSTLY ENCOUNTERS is an engaging and visually enticing television experience.

If you are a passionate storyteller and have had a personal experience you would like to share with our viewers, you could appear on the show! Your tale doesn’t necessarily need to be scary – past shows have included stories about:

• Being saved by ghosts
• Living in a haunted house
• Ghosts in the workplace
• Undying love
• Religious or spiritual iconography
• Reincarnation

Interested participants in New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, or the Ottawa-Kingston area should contact us with a brief description of your story at submissions@ghostlyencounters.ca. More info here...

Ottawa Television Guide

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