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February 15, 2010

Rant of the Day: XUP on OC Transpo

Here's yet another rant about OC Transpo, this time from XUP, from this post titled "OC Transpo: There are Other Ways to travel"
"They tick me off so much each and every day —- with their high percentage of downright arseholerish drivers and filthy, falling-apart buses; with their outrageous expenses for new garages; and with their overall distain for transit riders (let’s ban people with pets, let’s ban people who want to eat or drink on the bus, let’s ban people with strollers, let’s ban people who don’t know where they’re going and ask us stuff or expect us to call out stops, let’s ban old people who can’t get to their seat fast enough, let’s ban people who can’t squeeze through a jam-packed bus to get to the doors before we slam them shut, let’s ban people who aren’t at their bus stops 10 minutes early in case we decide to show up then, let’s just ban all those nasty, smelly people who can’t drive themselves around). I can’t contain the anger for too much longer without doing myself some internal damage."
Read the entire post...
(thanks to Alison W. for the suggestion!)

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