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February 14, 2010

Links and more from Twitter this week

Here's a sample of some of the stuff we posted to Twitter in the past week. You can check out our Twitter feed by visiting http://twitter.com/ottawastart/ .... no subscription or sign-up required.
  • RT @Ottawa_Tourism: On this day in 1869, Patrick James Whelan, convicted of assassinating D'Arcy McGee, was hanged. http://ow.ly/16p52
  • Had a reader email last week from someone looking for more info on Ottawa's annual "Winterloo Festival". Avoid the yellow snow.
  • Getting LOTS of traffic on our Winterlude page ... ranked 2nd in google for "Winterlude" http://ottawastart.com/winterlude.php
  • Preston Street BIA wants to try "bikes only" on Sundays this summer http://bit.ly/aHRkQz
  • Interesting idea: Bruce Firestone has an idea for chaging Ottawa's welcome signs http://bit.ly/9dQdos
  • Really great post from the gang at @apartment613 "Lesser known buildings" of Ottawa: http://bit.ly/8YzkQX
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