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December 02, 2009

Rant of the Day: Ottawa's green bin program

Andrea has a good rant on composting, over on her Peek Inside The Fishbowl blog. She's claimed the title of "compost queen of Westboro", and takes on some of the negative comments so far about Ottawa's new green bin program. Here's a sample:
There are a lot of people out there who are complaining about this TEENY STEP FORWARD THAT WE HAVE FINALLY TAKEN. Some, for example, are worried about having a smelly bin in their garage. The trick is, really, to throw a layer of dry leaves over the exposed food or wrap them up in damp newspaper. The other trick is, well, to hose it out every once in awhile, just like you would your garbage can.

Then she goes on to point out some of the benefits of composting -- like, you know, diverting garbage from existing landfills. Read more...

(Just wondering -- with all the of the negative press the City's received re: green bins -- how come nobody at the City is making the point that diverting garbage from the landfills will save us money in the long term? And make our city a healthier place to live?)

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