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November 11, 2009

Our four-year-old's take on Remembrance Day

So I'm driving our four-year-old to daycare this morning, and she asks "why do we wear a poppy dad?"

Not wanting to get into a deep conversation about war and death at 8:30am, I said it was a symbol we wear to remind us of Remembrance Day.

Then she says: "No dad, it's to remember all of the soldiers who fought in the war."

And she goes on: "Some of them died, and some of the dads went to fight the battles and they didn't come home ... and the moms & kids were sad. that's why we wear the poppy, to remember the soldiers who fought so we could be free."

Well said.

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  1. Anonymous3:59 PM

    It so great to hear and see our youngest generation learning and understanding of the sacrifices that 2-3 generations ago made for us. Very nice to see.

    We will always Remember....

    Thanks for sharing

    Mike S


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