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July 15, 2009

Ottawa Citizen's live coverage of the KISS show at Bluesfest

The Ottawa Citizen is doing live coverage of the KISS show at Bluesfest tonight - and doing a pretty good job of conveying the atomsphere down there. They've got a kind of crowd-sourced-stream-of-consciousness thing going.

It's just like being there, but way quieter and a lot textier. And nobody's wearing facepaint.

Two Citizen reporters - Peter Simpson and Peter Hum - are using Twitter to send updates about the show. Their coverage is being integrated with other Twitter posts from people at the show, using Cover It Live. And readers are also invited to send their comments and questions as the night progresses.

It make for some interesting reading (and some pretty banal stuff too). A sample from a ten-minute period earlier tonight:

Twitterpeterhum: Checking out band with textures - organ, acoustic guitar, vocal harmonies - but dudes, you forgot YOUR COSTUMES
Twitterpeterhum: Dull roar of KISS and music from Subway stage heard between Skydigger tunes
Twitterbigbeatottawa: I've seen concerts shorter than this drum solo
Twitterbigbeatottawa: "It's like a war zone out there" says a customer, who looks like he could use a beer
Twitterpeterhum: Think nerdy Skydigger lead singer would b lynched if he got up on the KISS stage
Twitterbigbeatottawa: That beer has a bug in it. Maybe I can drink that one?
Twitterbigbeatottawa: It's raining again
Twitterpeterhum: Thinking of venturing back 2 KISS sea of humanity, wish rain would let up though
[Comment From Mree ]
how's the rain over there?
[Comment From ottawasteph ]
peterhum, I don't understand why you bother blogging, now that you have left the KISS show.
Twitterjaywest: Paul Stanleys stage patter is pretty screechy and stale. And now his wig is getting soaked with rain. #bluesfest #fb
TwitterC0RNERSH0P: K'NANN is getting his groove on @ Ottawa bluesfest....
Lois Kirkup: Posted a photo gallery of KISS from the concert. Just scroll down this page to the Multimedia section. Will post more pics as they come in.
[Comment From royale ]
I can hear the rumble clear across to Alta Vista!!!! :-)
Twitterbigbeatottawa: Here's a tip. Don't wear Kiss makeup in the rain. It runs. It's starting to look like a sad clown convention

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