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June 01, 2009

Name Ottawa's downtown transit tunnel

A few weeks back, we asked for your name suggestions for Ottawa's downtown transit tunnel. Officially it's called "DOTT" (Downtown Ottawa Transit Tunnel) but we think we can do better. Here's what you came up with:
  • Larry's Basement
  • Ottawa Underground
  • Capitunnel
  • Be-Lo-Train
  • [fill in name] + "bunker", e.g. "McGuintybunker" depending on who actually approves money for it Blogger: OttawaStart Blog - Create Post
  • The PayWay
  • The Big Dig, Canada Edition
  • OUT - Ottawa Underground Transpo
  • The Medium-Sized Dig
  • The Hole Near The Rideau
  • BORT - Below Ottawa Rapid Transit
  • LOOT - Ludicrously Overpriced Ottawa Transit
  • BM - Bureacratic Mess, Bureaucrat Mover, OR Bowel Movement
  • ByTowne Tunnel
  • The Flying Pig (at least until it gets built)
  • OTown Tunnel
  • OTown Transitway
  • #FAIL
That last one, submitted by spydergrrl is our favourite! Thanks to everyone who replied to our blog, sent ideas via Twitter, or through Public Transit in Ottawa.

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