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May 09, 2009

Suggest a name for Ottawa's transit tunnel

We're jumping the gun here - still a lot of approvals, consultations, and financing to go through - but we thought it would be fun to start thinking about a name for Ottawa's new tunnel. It needs a good nickname like the Chunnel (England/France) or even Boston's "The Big Dig".

So let's come up with some names for Ottawa before the city goes and designates it as the "downtown tunnel". Leave your suggestions in the comments below.


  1. Steve in Ottawa3:16 PM

    Larry's Basement

  2. Anonymous9:49 PM

    How about Ottawa Underground?

  3. Be-Lo-Train (or some similar portmanteau of "Below" and "O-Train")

    - RG>

  4. [fill in name] + "bunker", e.g. "McGuintybunker" (depending on who actually approves money for it).

  5. Anonymous5:49 AM

    Hole in the Wall(et)


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