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May 21, 2009

New URL, new content for one of Ottawa's best cycling websites

We recently got this email from Michael McGoldrick, a local cycling enthusiast and the webmaster of the excellent "Cycling in Ottawa/Gatineau" web site:
This is to announce that the web site "Cycling in the Ottawa-Gatineau area" has a new URL. The new URL: gobiking.ca

(The old URL was www.mcgoldrick.ca/bike )

This web site now features twice as much content as last year, including articles about riding the Niagara Peninsula Loop, cycling from Ottawa to Kingston via Perth and Westport, and how to choose a bike. This is in addition to the original articles about cycling around Ottawa and Gatineau, as well as descriptions of rides in more distant areas such as the "P'tit train du Nord" trail and Ontario’s Prince Edward County. Articles on this web site come with easy to understand maps and numerous photos.

This web site has now been in operation for a year and is a non-commercial initiative by myself. It has received close to 16, 000 unique visits during this period. It is aimed at people who are relatively new to serious cycling.

Visit “Cycling in the Ottawa-Gatineau area” at: http://gobiking.ca
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