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May 23, 2009

Anybody know a good harmonica teacher?

We recently found a great local website called Ask Around. It's a very useful resource that features a directory of businesses and services in Ottawa that have been recommended by other readers. The site is run by Wendy Stone, who also writes the Ask Around blog, and shares recommendations via Twitter.

Can you help with any of these requests for recommendations from Ask Around's readers?
  • Bob is still looking for a harmonica teacher
  • Has anyone seen the Swiss Army knife with USB drive and LED light for sale in Ottawa?
  • Gordon is looking for a bookbinding course and Chantel was hoping to find a mobile dog grooming service.
If you have any suggetions, add a comment to this page or visit the Ask Around blog for other ways to get in touch.

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1 comment:

  1. I think that I can help out with the harmonica teacher.

    I run a harmonica teaching website called Harmonica Academy. Its at http://www.HarmonicaAcademy.com It should do the trick.

    Not like having a face to face teacher of course. But we do have a forum where members share ideas.

    I have a Chinese version of the site as well, at http://www.kouqin.com.cn This site is very popular with Chinese harmonica enthusiasts, and has almost 40000 members.


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