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April 05, 2009

Ottawa restaurants targetted by "serial complainer"

Ron Eade reports on Ominvore Ottawa about a "serial complainer" who's targetting local restaurants:
Someone out there appears to be scamming Ottawa restaurants. Or, trying to at any rate.

The nice folks at Juniper Kitchen & Wine Bar, 245 Richmond Rd., have received a clever e-mail from a woman who claims to have had a most unpleasant experience recently in their establishment.

Problem is, she's been sending the same letter to other restaurants, too, and they want to get the word out to small businessmen and women who read Omnivore's Ottawa.

In the normal course of events, a restaurateur will customarily offer some sort of compensation to make the customer happy – a free gift certificate, for example -- even without being asked.

But in this case, Juniper general manager Paul Munroe (photo, below left) checked out the story sent by e-mail to Norm Aitken, chef and co-owner, and discovered it just didn’t add up. Suspicious, he started calling other restaurants in Ottawa to see if they, too, received e-mails from the woman citing very specific details about her horrible experience.

And -- lo and behold -- seven restaurants have received virtually identical complaints within the last three weeks. And those are only the places Paul knows about.

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