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January 28, 2009

Rant of the Day: The Canadian Industrial Relations Board

David Reevely blogs about the Canadian Industrial Relations Board:
They're holding a public hearing this morning on whether the lack of OC Transpo service poses a direct threat to public health or safety — this is the issue they got 3,000 public submissions on a couple of weeks ago.

We heard about it from ATU 279. There's no mention of it at the CIRB's website.

Our reporter was stripped of his BlackBerry and other gear when he arrived to cover it. Our photographer was not allowed in.

According to spokeswoman Sylvie Riverin, the hearing is public in the sense that the public can go and hear the arguments, but it's not actually a public meeting the way city council has public meetings...

Other public entities, having public meetings in public buildings, find it more efficient to announce meetings on their websites and have e-mail lists anybody can sign up for. Riverin says maybe the best way to find out about these things is for us to call her every morning and find out what's up...

...wouldn't it be nice if it seemed as though ANY of the authorities involved in this acted as though they felt a duty to tell the public what's going on.

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Ottawa OC Transpo Guide

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