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January 09, 2009

OC Transpo Strike: Day 31

In the news today:
  • The majority of the transit union members vote "no" to the city's offer ... but 25% vote yes.
  • A mediator will meet with both sides on Monday to try to get talks going.
  • Larry O'Brien says the city has plans to ease the burden on commuters. (Why'd they wait until a month into the strike?) Plans include offering Transitway access to shuttle buses, such as the ones being run by universities, expanding Para Transpo service (including hiring more drivers).
  • O'Brien also says the City of Ottawa"will be immediately providing emergency funding to those at risk of losing their jobs due to an inability to get transportation." Whatever that means.
  • The City is also laying off some OC Transpo workers because of the work stoppage.
  • Andre Cornellier joins the dark side (at least in the Ottawa Sun).
  • Some funny stuff on YouTube.
  • What next? David Reevely offers his suggestion.
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  1. Urrgh. This whole thing is so stupid and inconvenient for the city. To be completely honest, I hope the city gets used to not having public transportation. Then, one day, when the strike is finally over, they'll come back to no one riding the bus anymore. I don't know many other jobs who can simply strike because of scheduling issues.

  2. A way to pay OC TRANSPO back for all this inconvenience they caused by this strike is NOT TO USE THEIR SERVICES for the exact amount of days they make us wait for it! I have a family member who couldn't make it at work on time most days and got FIRED! Now him, his wife and 3yr old child are suffering in poverty already! ANYONE I SEE using OC TRANSPO before then, I consider them all HEARTLESS! They've managed without this service so far, I say, it's OUR TIME TO PAY BACK OC TRANSPO for the damage their employees caused!
    R.C. ST-AMOUR, Ottawa.

  3. Hey R.C - thats a terrible story. I'm sorry to hear that.

    Although I agree with you and holding out on giving money back to OC Transpo, I wouldn't want to give an exact timeline. Reason being, we're all stuck here like sheep waiting to react without ever knowing when bus service will be coming back. If the city bands together to stop using OC Transpo, I don't want them to have the benefit of knowing when we'll give them our hard earned $$ again. They can wait like sheep in the dark, like we are now.

  4. Anonymous1:05 PM

    For those living close to Tunney's Pasture - there is a STO bus that leaves that transitway station at 6:55 and 8:04 am (one is also around 6:40 am if you are lucky!). It goes across into Quebec - you can get to Terrasses de la Chaudiere and Portage if you wish, and also to Ottawa downtown (Rideau). The bus is number 58 and it goes to the Parc-o-Bus Rivermead.

  5. Hey RON BURGUNDY.. We've already spent Billions of dollars on City transportation so who gives a damn about them knowing we're ready for a new approach and willing to pay for it? Anyway you look at it, we're going to pay for this!


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