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December 11, 2008

OC Transpo Strike: Day 2

Three things today:

1) We heard a similar story twice today, both from employees at large workplaces. Wednesday morning, first day of strike, big snowstorm. Somehow regular bus riders make it into work without a problem. The ones that didn't make it into work? The regular car drivers. Somehow that doesn't seem fair.

2) Check out the OCTranspo Community on LiveJournal. There were several posts today by OC Transpo drivers offering some interesting perspectives on the scheduling issue.

3) Best Ottawa blog of the day goes to XUP. She writes about how strikes have become archaic:
[Strikes used to be] necessary for people working in horrendous conditions who had no option but to withhold services to try and force employers to treat them humanely. Strikes were the only way to show ruthless bosses that they needed their workforce as much as their workforce needed them. That was back in the 19th Century

Now, 150 years have gone by and, in my opinion things have changed a bit in the wonderful world of work. So, surely-to-god we have more sophisticated ways of settling disputes between employer and employees?
I don’t agree with taking away anyone’s right to strike, just as a matter of principle, but I see no need whatsoever in the 21st century western world for anyone to need to exercise that right. It’s not civilized. It’s not enlightened. It’s not constructive. The whole process is brutish and thuggish and causes rifts in the workplace. Read more...

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