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September 26, 2008

Mystery man Robert Larter runs for office again

Robert Taylor Larter ran for mayor in the 2006 Ottawa municipal election. He didn't participate in any public debates and ignored media requests. The only time he made the news during the campaign was for a) his enigmatic status and b) a threatening email he sent to some politicians. (And despite all that he still managed to get 667 votes, placing sixth out of seven candidates!)

He's running again in the 2008 Federal Election, in Ottawa-Vanier. The Elections Canada web site offers a few bits of information on him:

Robert Taylor-Larter (Independent)
  • Status: Confirmed
  • Name of party: Independent
  • Office phone number: (613) 421-2642
  • Name of official agent:Audrey Armstrong
  • Name of auditor: Morris Agulnik
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