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August 26, 2008

Two new radio stations for Ottawa

Milkman's Tuned In reports:
Astral's lone Ottawa property, 106.9 The Bear finally has some family moving in. The CRTC today granted the company a new license for a soft AC station to operate at 99.7 FM. Meanwhile Frank Torres was granted a license for a Blues/Blues-rock based format to operate at 101.9 FM (to be known as Dawg FM).

Denied were applications from Christian Hit Radio Inc., Corus Entertainment, Fiston Kalambay Mutombo, Instant Information Services Incorporated, Mark Maheu, Ottawa Media Inc., Radio de la communauté francophone d’Ottawa, and Réél-Radio. Today's decision can be read here.
We're not sure where that leaves Information Radio, currently operating at 99.7fm -- we've emailed the station to find out where they'll move on the dial to make room for the new station.

Potential new radio stations for Ottawa

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  1. Information radio also had just put up a french information station at 101.9, and that will have to move as well. Personally I was hoping for Corus to get the 101.9 application. They should re-apply, and go for the so0n to be vacated 1150 AM. CJRC is making a mistake moving to FM. The signal (while go0d downtown) doesn't even make it to Aylmer and starts fading in and out in Orleans. 1150 AM does much better for distance and can come into the downtown buildings just as well as some of the FM's do.

  2. Anonymous11:17 AM

    STOP playing Xmas songs in April.

  3. Anonymous4:52 PM

    Awesome music...had the radio on 997 playing outside and you played Christmas song. A friend said what station are you on...looking puzzled and I replied it's a new one starting-up. If it wasn't an advertising gimmick...it should be. We had a good laugh...thought I'd tell you, it sure got our attention. Gook luck with your new station..Penny

  4. Anonymous1:05 PM

    Good mix, very relaxing to listen to at work. Keep the mix going, but not to cheesy. Overall freshing.

  5. Anonymous6:18 PM

    Silvie says wow ! finally a real mix of relaxing music without the constant repeat of new hits, since you also put oldies, we need it cause nobody makes this type of great music anymore,for so long I been waiting for a station to unwind, we have enougth dance and heavy rock, who wants screaming electric music before bed...and when we feel romantic, thanks a million, I listen from 3 to 5 and really enjoy myself, its was the first relaxing bath without having to get up to change to a softer station , don't change a thing.

  6. Anonymous9:26 PM

    Play techno songs, there is not one station that plans techno songs, would be soo sick if you did and i bet you a lot of people would listen to it!


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