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August 18, 2008

Rant of the Day: Media coverage of local theatre

Here's part of a rant (and some constructive suggestions) from Kris Joseph on his blog, Struts and Frets:

The Ottawa theatre scene... is really hopping right now. Due to a congruence of a number of events — a new home for Great Canadian Theatre Company, new artistic directors for the GCTC and National Arts Centre English Theatre, new-creation support from GCTC and Odyssey Theatre, the growth of a new arts district in Westboro and Wellington Village — there is a great deal of activity in the area, and a great deal of work for local talent.

There are a few things about the theatre scene in Canada’s capital city that I find frustrating; at the forefront of that list right now is the pathetic level of major media coverage we see for what is happening around here. (Read the full post...)
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