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August 28, 2008

Rant of the Day: Just another day on the #14

We enjoyed this post by zoom! on knitknut.net, all about a trip on the #14 OC Transpo bus. Here's a sample:

Tonight I had the pleasure of traveling home from work on the #14 bus in the company of a naked, sweaty, extensively tattooed man and a fat toddler who could make wine glasses explode with his voice alone.

They weren’t together. The naked tattooed man was standing up on the packed bus and looming over me, and the shrieking toddler was the sole occupant of a gigantic double stroller at the front of the bus.

Okay, I’m exaggerating. The naked man wasn’t completely naked. But I’m pretty sure that toddler really could break wine glasses. Read the entire post...

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