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July 25, 2008

Team 1200's Tim Kilpatrick aka "Buzz" passes away

Tim "Buzz" Kilpatrick, co-host of Team 1200's Three Guys on the Radio (TGOR) show, passed away today at the Ottawa hospital. CFRA reports:

Tim Kilpatrick, known to radio listeners as ''Buzz'' on sports radio station The TEAM 1200 has passed away at the Ottawa General Hospital following complications from a lung infection.

Tim had entered hospital last week suffering from shortness of breath. He passed away shortly after 10 this morning.

The Team 1200 has a full splash page tribute to Buzz up on their web site, featuring a New York Yankees ballcap... Fans are posting their condolences at HFBoards... TGOR co-host Stuntman Stu says their morning show on Monday will be a tribute to Buzz... And here's a bit more about Buzz from the Ottawa Citizen...

Update July 26: A-Channel has a video report ... TGOR co-host Steve Warne writes on his blog: "Knowing that, I think he’s looking down right now, surprised at the level of affection people actually had for him. This is crystal clear with the amount of kind words about Buzz that Stu, Kenny and I have received in the last 2 days. It’s been incredible. Overwhelming. Intimidating. ... We just do a radio show and you sometimes lose sight of the fact that you become part of people’s daily routine, almost like family. I’ve spoken to friends who listen regularly but never actually met Buzz. I swear some of them are as shocked as I am. My friend Wayne never met Buzz and said, “I feel like throwing up right now,” when I told him the news."

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